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FriendGetter was created out of necessity. FreindGetter's founders, Brad and Donna, had recently relocated to a new city. Once they had gotten settled into their new home, they decided that it was time to meet new people. They quickly found out just how challening that could be.

They both wanted to find a few couples to hang out with. They wanted to find a few couples they could check out local restaurants with, or go watch live music with. They thought it would be nice to find another couple already well established in the community, or even another couple who was also new to the community - so they could explore their new city together.

They also wanted to find individual friends to pursue their personal interests. Donna was writing a book, so she was hoping to meet another writer to bounce her ideas off of. She also wanted to find another woman who shared her interest in watching horror movies, because her husband didn’t share her appreciation for them. Brad was looking for a couple of guys who were also fans of his favorite college football team, so he would have someone to watch their games with. He was also looking for a few guys who wanted to have a weekly, friendly poker game with.

They first tried meeting new people on social networks, but they found that messaging complete strangers made them come across a creepy to any prospective friends. They tried joining networking groups that met face to face, but found that they felt like outsiders trying to join an already well-established group. They found that those networking groups were more oriented towards individuals than couples, and not really oriented towards friendship. Too many people were using them as tools to get farther in business rather than

Brad and Donna realized that there needed to be a place where people could find other people who want to meet new people. This place couldn’t be a social network, because let’s face it – social network fatigue has set in with a lot of people. The novelty of social networks is quickly getting old – plus, they are too much work. They realized that there desperately needed to be a website that acts like a dating website, but one that is strictly platonic.

They found a few websites that had strictly platonic sections, but they found that on other websites “strictly platonic” really implied a friends with benefits and/or hook-up situation that neither one of them had any interest in pursuing. They recognized the need for a website where “strictly platonic” means strictly platonic. They needed to create a website with no gimmicks, just real people looking for real friendships.

Is was from this journey that FriendGetter was born. FriendGetter is a place where you can meet other people who are looking to make new friends – in person, over the internet, or online.

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